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Video Is Long, Live Broadcast Is Short Business Email List

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Live broadcasting has entered the worst era, and when the tide recedes, we will know who is swimming naked." The dividends of pure live broadcasting have obviously Business Email List disappeared, leaving a way out for the development of live broadcasting. , and the second is the "short video + live broadcast" of rising stars. In this battle for stock, whether the giants go ahead or the rising stars shine, let us wait and see. The panda is dead, and Tencent comes in. A week ago, before the national mourning for Panda Live had dissipated, Tencent launched a live broadcast tool "Tencent Live" for WeChat official accounts. "The giants are entering the market at this time, it seems that they want to unify the live broadcast of the rivers and lakes." Tencent's ambition to grasp the right to speak in the Business Email List live broadcast industry is already "Sima Zhao's heart, everyone knows it" - as early as February 14, Tencent released 12 A live broadcast ban, the content involves the interests of live broadcast platforms, anchors, MCN and other parties. Since 2016, in addition to building 6 live broadcast platforms, Tencent has directly invested in 4 live broadcast companies.


As a content provider in the live broadcast industry and its derivatives, Tencent is undoubtedly gradually gaining the right to speak in the industry and establishing new rules. Ma Huateng wants to become the king of the live broadcast field, while Wang Sicong is in the diamond rank. At the beginning, Wang Sicong made his debut with the C position of Panda Live. After going through the madness of capital and the rectification of the industry, he witnessed the gunpowder Business Email List of the Thousand Broadcasting War, but he finally fell on the way to the market. The cold winter of the Internet is so cruel. Some people say: "bad management, infighting among senior executives, lack of funds, and unclear positioning." These four crimes "killed" the panda, but under these four crimes, how much more is the panda? Business Email List From 2016 to the beginning of 2019, the live broadcast industry has experienced "blowout growth--thousand-broadcasting melee--supervision storm--shuffle acceleration period--industry adjustment period". Now capital is becoming more rational, and the industry is going through a storm.


After sorting out, the author found that the development of the entire industry can be divided into three echelons according to the time when the live broadcast players enter the field. A-tier: pure live broadcast platform (Douyu, Yingke, Huajiao, Huya, etc.) Tier B: Native platform + live broadcast function (Momo, Business Email List Baidu Tieba, Taobao/Tmall, Tencent, etc.) Tier C: Video/Short Video + Live Streaming (Tik Tok, Kuaishou, etc.) Today, three years later, the entire live broadcast industry has undergone dramatic changes: C>B>A , the rising stars have almost overwhelmed the pioneers with "rolling wins" in terms of market share and overall revenue. Perhaps one of the laws of business is fickleness. A-tier: Ice and Fire "Unexpectedly, it makes sense." An industry insider close to Douyu's live broadcast business said a word secretly in the face of the disruptive changes in the industry landscape. Douyu has lingered in front of the U.S. Business Email List stock market several times, during which it fought with Huya on offense and defense. The drama has been staged for three years. After the emergency layoffs at the end of last year, it is currently preparing for a $500 million IPO. As one of the two live broadcast companies that Tencent invested heavily on the same day, Douyu's speed has obviously lagged behind Huya, which has just announced its annual profit.



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