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Atlanta Falcons emerging as a potential landing spot for Deebo Samuel

Good news for Atlanta Falcons fans who are hoping star utility player Deebo Samuel will find his way to Atlanta. Adam Schefter went on NFL Live to discuss Samuel’s trade request and strongly suggested it could be Samuel’s wish to be closer to home that is influencing part of his trade request.

If this is the case three clear options emerge for Samuel as potential landing spots. Deebo is from Inman South Carolina and has spent the first few years of his career on the west coast. Inman is just under 3-hours away from Atlanta and an hour and a half from Charlotte.

This leaves the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers as ideal landing spots for Deebo if Schefter’s info is correct.

The Atlanta Falcons have the draft capital and the cap space next season to give Deebo a new deal. Atlanta is unlikely to land a player close to as talented as Deebo with any of the draft picks the team would have to give up to bring Samuel to Atlanta.

The Titans and Jets could be two other teams in the running for Deebo. Both are on the East Coast and are looking to make a push in the right direction. The Jets in particular are going to be tied to Deebo based on their interest in Tyreek Hill this off-season. They have the draft picks and the need at the position.

If it is a wish to be closer to home and San Francisco is willing to give Samuel any say in the trade decision it is great news for Atlanta and Carolina. The two teams closest to Deebo’s hometown and two teams badly in need of a win this off-season.

Acquiring Deebo Samuel would help wipe away part of what has been a tumultuous off-season for a Falcons team that badly needs an off-season win.

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